Racing Plates VS. Razer Shoes

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February 6, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

razer shoeSeveral people have asked if Razers are a race plate. No, they are not. While they are similar in some aspects, they are a different breed of shoe.

They are both lightweight shoes designed for traction and wear protection, but the shoe pattern and function are completely different.

racing plateLet’s examine the similarities and differences.


* Lightweight – Razer shoes are about half the weight of a traditional steel shoe

* Traction – Providing additional traction to aid in performance

* Wear Protection – Preventing excess or abnormal hoof wear or breakage and injury to the foot


* Shoe Pattern – Race Plates feature a fullered concave section and Razer shoes feature a smooth outer rim with interior cleating

* Material – Razers are made from tempered, tool steel and allow independent heel movement, whereas aluminum or traditional steel race plates lock the foot in place

* Profile – Razers are lower profile, providing a more natural contact with the ground, including increased frog contact and sole compression


Learn more about Razer shoes or find a dealer near you!

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