How to Measure Your Horse’s Hoof & Select a Size

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February 11, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

Not all horseshoes are sized the same. For instance, what may be a 000 (triple ought) in a Razer horseshoe may be a completely different size in another brand. The measurements, however, are based on the length and width of a horse’s hoof. Therefore, measuring the length and width of your horse’s hoof – in inches – lets you determine which size is the correct fit.

*Please note that measuring soon after a trim will increase your accuracy.

How-to Measure a Hoof

hoof-measurement1. Tie your horse in a safe location. Pick up the foot and clean all the debris away from his frog and out of the hoof.

2. To determine length, measure from the tip of your horse’s toe to the back of the frog at the widest point.

3. To determine width, measure the widest part of the hoof from side to side.

4. Write down the measurements. Move around the horse and measure all four hooves, recording the results for each. It can be common to be one size for the front and a different size on the hinds.

Razer Shoe Sizing

razerRW_front500Razers are fit snugly because they move with the hoof. If it seems as though you are between sizes, go with a larger size and grind the heels of the shoe if needed.

It is important that the shoe is not too short, as this can cause quarter cracks.

Our shoe sizing is comparable to Kerckhaert, another European horseshoe brand. However, measuring the hoof to determine sizing can never hurt.


Propad Sizing

Propad_SS500Propads currently come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. An Extra Large Propad is scheduled to hit the shelves by Summer 2015. Each Propad size spans three shoe sizes, with the pad trimmed to fit the shoe.

The shoe size reference is based on Razer shoe sizing. If you’re unsure what size Razers you’d need, or plan on using another brand of open heeled horseshoe, please refer to the width and length in the size chart.



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