Let’s Talk About Web: Razer Horseshoes

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February 18, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

web widthA shoe’s web width is a measurement of the branch from the inner to the outer edge.

Razer shoes have a narrower web width than most standard steel or aluminum horseshoes. A wider web equals more support for the hoof wall, but because Razer shoes also have a lower profile, a wide web is unnecessary.

With a lower profile (height of the shoe), the horse’s hoof is getting a much more barefoot function because the frog aids with load sharing. If you raise the horse’s foot higher off the ground with a high profile shoe, you need additional support as the horse’s weight is being placed solely on the hoof wall.

The horse’s heel is more flexible than the rest of the hoof wall, and often the weakest part of the wall. Razer shoes are crafted of tempered tool steel, allowing the shoe to flex with the hoof, rather than locking it in place like a traditional shoe. You’ll notice the web on the Razer shoe is wider through the heels, giving a bit more protection than what is provided around the toe.

Learn more about Razer shoes or find a dealer near you.

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