Barrel Horse Conquers Ground Trouble with Razer Shoes

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June 17, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

11287282_10153390845879328_252969889_n“Razer shoes have made a huge difference in my mare. She went from having ground trouble to handling everything I have run her on this year!

What prompted the switch from regular shoes, was that my mare had two bad falls at the second barrel, just three months apart. So my husband shod her with these and the rest is history!

11350251_10153390845929328_457414662_nSince switching to Razer shoes she has filled my WPRA permit, as well as sitting in the top 15 in the Great Lakes division circuit standings! Razer shoes are all we use!

These photos kind of show why this mare had so much ground trouble. After the shoe change, she can get the traction needed for her turning style.

11418336_10153390845914328_272613366_nMy husband doesn’t shoe full time, only about 8 horses, but he uses only Razers now. He shoes 2 steer wrestling horses, a hazing horse, 3 barrel horses, and 2 roping horses, and they all wear Razers.”

Kaycee Harbin
Maysville, MO

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