Saskatchewan Barrel Racer Also Puts Razers on Her Reiners Front Feet

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June 23, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

Brenda Hagel“I love the Razer shoes! I continue to stay on top of every bit of information and videos you put out! Everything makes sense.

I love them on my barrel horses, but I recently had one of my reining horses shod with regular front shoes and he pulled one the next day. I was actually thankful because they looked so wrong! I had them replaced with Razer shoes!

The bay in the picture is Scotch Bar Element (Whisper), one of my barrel horses. I also have several reining horses. I find I have excellent ground grip on a variety of conditions. I really like the lightness of the Razer shoes for barrels and also the fronts on my reining horses.

The natural flexibility of the shoes is important to me because I know it’s better for my horses. My farrier is a Razer dealer (Ushu Farrier Supply in Saskatchewan), so it’s never a problem having the shoes available and my horses correctly shod! I recommend Razer whenever I can! Great innovative product!”

Brenda Hagel
Saskatchewan, Canada

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