Blacksmith Jerry Lewis Loves Propads for Famous Senior Shooting Horse, Dragon


June 30, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

Jerry Lewis rigJerry Lewis is a blacksmith from Shelbyville, TN. Jerry is the “old man from the mountain when it comes to corrective shoeing” says one of his customers. He has been shoeing all breeds of horses for 52 years and using hoof pads for 40 years. He has apprenticed and/or mentored at least 50+ men in shoeing. Plus, we hear that Jerry does a mean 2-step on the dance floor!

Jerry Lewis shoeingJerry is the blacksmith for Dragon, who without argument is the most famous cowboy mounted shooting horse there is. A distinguishable paint with blue eyes, Dragon is a seasoned 23 years old.

“Everyone recognizes, knows and loves old Dragon. He is the first Level 6 shooting horse, and the horse that put me on the map and took me to the top, as well as Rock Clark. Amie Lee Marks bought him from me two years ago. She is a Senior Ladies Level 1 Shooter. Dragon has been ridden hard by me and my daughter. He has lots of joint and leg issues. Amie Lee takes great care of Dragon, and Dragon takes great care of her,” says Gary Vickers, Cowboy Mounted Shooter.

Jerry Lewis holding propadGary brought Razerhorse products to the attention of Jerry and Amie Lee Marks. He wears Razer shoes on his mounted shooting horses and thought Propads might be just the trick for old Dragon.

This was the first time Jerry had seen Propads and Razer shoes and says that he really likes the design and philosophy.

“I showed Jerry the videos on the shoes also. He was so impressed with the flexibility and technology the shoe offers. Said it about time someone made a shoe that moves with the horses hoof and doesn’t tear the wall,” says Amie Lee.

One thought on “Blacksmith Jerry Lewis Loves Propads for Famous Senior Shooting Horse, Dragon

  1. Donna Sanders says:

    Great article Jerry Lewis. I am sure you could still teach a few more guys a thing or two.


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