Why Use a Hoof Pad?

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July 29, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

The goal of a hoof pad is to improve hoof condition, but there are several physical reasons why you might use a pad.

Reasons to Use a Pad
– Protect the sole and frog
– Relieve the load on the bearing edge
– Support the hoof mechanism
– Correct conformational faults
– Absorb shock & decrease the force on the foot when it contacts the ground
– Prevent snow from balling up in the sole area (snow pad)

Natural Hoof Function
The hoof can absorb its own shock and stresses if the proper hoof components are getting ground contact. The frog is designed to make initial contact with the ground from a heel-first landing. The digital cushion, lateral cartilage, blood within the foot, and natural dirt compaction in and around the frog and bars are a few of the key components involved in absorbing shock naturally.

propad frog_closePropad Independent Frog Support
Propads are the only hoof pad featuring an accordion-like design that allows for independent frog support.  As seen in the photo to the right, Propads act as an extension of the frog, and fill the void created on a shod hoof. It can be a solution to all the reasons above why you would use a hoof pad.

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