2015 Hambletonian Explained: 19 Horses, 2 Heats, $1 Million Purse


August 5, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

2014 Hamiltonian winner, Trixton

2014 Hambletonian winner, Trixton

The Hambletonian is like the Kentucky Derby for Standardbred Trotters. Each race features the best 3-year-olds in the country, with a $1 million dollar purse up for grabs. Most of us are familiar with the Kentucky Derby and Thoroughbred racing, but let’s take a look at the Hambletonian and how it works.

The Hambletonian features heats of up to 10 horses, unlike the Derby which is limited to a field of 20 horses. The 2015 Hambletonian will feature two heats with 9 horses in one heat and 10 horses in the other. The 10 fastest horses will race again in a final, similar to making it to the short go or championship round in rodeo.

The Hambletonian, like almost all harness races, is a distance of one mile.

The winner of the Hambletonian will receive a $1 million purse.

Triple Crown
Like the Kentucky Derby, the Hambletonian is the first jewel in the Triple Crown. The Trotting Triple Crown includes the following races:
1. Hambletonian at The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ
2. Yonkers Trot at Yonkers Raceway in Yonkers, NY
3. Kentucky Futurity at The Red Mile in Lexington, KY
Since its inauguration in 1955, eight horses have won the Trotting Triple Crown. The most recent was Glidemaster, while wearing Razer shoes, in 2006.

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