Drilling & Tapping Studs on Razer Horseshoes


August 14, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

11840218_10155904751165594_972257257_oSummer Peterson, of Spring City, UT, recently messaged us about using studs with Razer shoes. She saw the blog post and testimonial from professional eventer Kristen Woolworth and her interest was sparked!

“I am very interested in your shoes and have been since I saw them at Von Kaenels (Rafter V Farrier Supply) in March,” says Summer. “I just got a set I was planning to put on my 4 yo to try since she is not jumping anything big enough yet to require studs, but I’ve been thinking about different ways to try and make them work.”

11847445_10155904756485594_1390624311_oAfter some thought, Summer decided to go ahead and try to drill and tap studs into a pair of shoes. She says that it would be better to have the studs placed further away from the heel, she thought it would be possible to place them in the spot where you’d usually attach a pad.

“These were my attempts. The second one I got lined up a lot better and you actually can’t see any threads in the stud. I think this might work!”

We look forward to seeing how the studs work with Razer shoes, and will post an update when we hear feedback from Summer.

One thought on “Drilling & Tapping Studs on Razer Horseshoes

  1. Update from Summer:
    “I did have some trouble with the drilling and tapping. I was able to get it to hold the stud, but once the shoes wore down, there were not enough threads to hold it adequately. Also, I did have quite a lot of pulled shoes. It was a good thought but I think the shoes would need to be manufactured a little differently to adequately hold studs. So, I’m back to my aluminum eventers, but I’ve got some Propads that I’m looking forward to using once things harden up around here!! I do really like the concept of the Razer shoes and I think they have a lot of good applications, but not running and jumping with studs. “


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