FAQ: Do you have to wear Razer shoes on all four feet? What are the differences between the RW & the SP shoe styles?

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August 19, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

A: No! Whether you put Razers on two or four feet is entirely up to what your horse needs. Many horses only wear shoes on the front feet and are barefoot on the hind. Some horses require shoes on all four feet.

Razers come in two styles, the RW and the SP.

RW pointsRazer RW
The RW is typically used as a front shoe because of its round, wide shape (hence the name RW). This design, created in the United States, was shaped to closely fit the Quarter Horse front foot.

Razer RW features interior “checking” from heel to heel for traction on the entire hoof.

SP pointsRazer SP

The SP is generally used as a hind shoe, but can be used on all four feet as well. It is the original Razer shoe design that was created in Sweden for harness horses, and because it is more similar to the shape of their feet, it is used on front and hind.

Razer SP features smooth heels for less grip in the heel and a little more slide on the hind end.

It is best to start with the shape that most resembles the shape of the hoof. You can easily change the shape of Razer shoes, but less is more when it comes to shaping. This is so that you maintain the integrity and flexibility of the steel.

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