Razer Shoes Help Sport Horse with Wing Bone Fracture


September 3, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

11951490_1711481155738507_6434727375854405481_oI want to thank your company for sending out a sample set of shoes to my shoer. I brought up your product to her, and she told me she had just been sent a sample set.

It happened to be my horse’s size, so I told her to go for it.

My shoer said there was a slight learning curve on shaping them. I’m excited to see how they perform. This was a foot that we
did months in a backwards bar with quarter clips. The foot had gotten a bit narrow from the constriction. This looks pretty good.

11987053_1711545895732033_7747025475397165132_nThis is a Dutch Warmblood/Arabian cross mare that has been in the Easyshoe NG for two shoeings. She has a fractured wing bone (the break is right where the bone and cartiledge meet and is basically a very long recovery). I was curious if a little more rigid shoe would help, yet your shoe also allows that horizontal flexibility.

She was showing conformation and sport horse under saddle until she broke that foot.

10482721_1711545982398691_219737948376454564_oThe break is in a place where special shoeing won’t help, my vet said. So she has 14 months off and right now is 100 days in foal. Well, I would like to tell you, she got them today and is about 75% sounder! Thank you again. Looking forward to seeing how they wear and work out long term. I am trying to keep her in shape. I can’t ride her like normal because she wasn’t that sound. Mostly trail ride. If she stays as sound as she is now, I could possibly add some light arena work.

I may add the pads in the future depending how well this shoeing period progresses. Since she is only 100 days along, we still have another 4 months until she starts putting on foal weight. However the pads may help reduce concusion.

– Kapri Casati


4 thoughts on “Razer Shoes Help Sport Horse with Wing Bone Fracture

  1. I just started using Razor Shoes on my barrel horse. I didn’t get sample shoes to tryout. I bought them lot’s of them. Thank goodness my husband is a good farrier. I love the Razor Shoes and I always run my horses barfoot. Razor Shoes improve our time by 2 seconds and we’re still gaining. Ran at the Reno Reunion all 4 days and i couldn’t be happier. 😊


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