How Do I Know If Propads Would Benefit My Horse?


October 14, 2015 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

10608210_1550247865198234_2646843175614388180_oHoof pads are used for many reasons including protecting the sole and frog, relieving the load on the bearing edge, supporting the hoof mechanism, correcting conformational faults, absorbing shock & decreasing the force on the foot when it contacts the ground, and preventing snow from balling up in the sole (snow pad).

Propads were designed with several of these purposes in mind. Their unique design allows an accordion-like frog support to flex with vertical movement, as well as expand and contract with the hoof.

Most farriers would tell you that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Not all horses need hoof pads. So how do you know if your horse could benefit from Propads?

Your horse could benefit from Propads IF:
– Your horse has a recessed or atrophied frog and want to promote healthy hoof and frog growth through increased blood flow and circulation.

– You frequently haul and/or your horse often stands on hard surfaces and you want to increase their level of comfort.

– Your horse’s weight is being placed solely on the hoof wall due to horseshoe elevation and you want to distribute the weight more naturally.

– You are physically demanding of your horse during competition and want to alleviate the shock and stress caused during training and performance.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Know If Propads Would Benefit My Horse?

  1. Would a pad help with keeping the shoes on and pand provide comfort and protection for broken hoof walls due from losing shoes in the beginning. My horse always barefoot before Razer successfully improved my times.I absolutely love the way my horses feel when I barrel race.

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