How-To: Proper Installation of Propads – No Need for Heavy Heart Bars!

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January 15, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

By Stephen Teichman

Propads are one of the most innovative and practical pads on the market. This is a tutorial on the proper way to install Propads for sport horses.

Why use Propads instead of heart bars? Propads are FAR lighter than any proper fitting heart bar… and I am the king of hearts. We will not use heart bars on any horses running Xcountry as of the problems caused by the weight. We do however run horses in Propads. It keeps us from switching shoes out on the competitors horses… better for the feet and legs. Also these pads are cheap, about $20 a pair and will last forever as they are made of a high quality urethane.

Step 1: Apply shoe and pad. Pad is attached to shoe at the heel. Then, pad and shoe are nailed on.

finished result


Step 2: Proper way to lift frog pad.

proper way to lift frog pad


Step 3: Add CuSO4 (Copper Sulfate).

adding CuSO4


Step 4: Insert Vettec gun tip under the frog support. Adding this provides sole support.

sole support


Step 5: Using the knife to lift the pad, continue to fill under the pad until the silicone becomes level with back of pad.

using knife to lift pad


Step 6: Note that the pad is above shoe ground level. This allows it to function as the frog would under normal circumstances. It also unloads the heel when the frog pad is loaded.

note pad is above shoe ground surface

Click here to learn more about Propads >>

About Stephen
Stephen is a certified journeyman farrier who is both well-known and respected. His clientele consists of top three-day event horses, many of which have been Olympic competitors. His practice has taken him to the last five Olympic games and he was the sole U.S. farrier at the 2000 Olympics.  He head America’s leading “corporate” farrier service, Chester County Farrier Associates in Unionville, PA.


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