Propads & Razer Shoes Help Navicular Barrel Horse


January 25, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

My name is Tiffany Poulin, I am 27 years old, and have been riding since I was 10. I have competed at NBHA Open World, NBHA Colonial Nationals, NBHA Syracuse Super Show, along with many jackpot barrel races. I would not be where I was if it wasn’t for my horses.

Tiffany Poulin Streakin Rosie Jane

Tiffany Poulin and “Rosie” at the 2014 NBHA World Championships

Streakin Rosie Jane is a 2001 AQHA mare that I bought four years ago. When I got her home, I saw she was moving off in her front right. I had the vet out and had x-rays done on her to find out she had Navicular. I was told she would never be a barrel horse again. With her strong will to keep running, I didn’t give up on her, and I did some research on how to get her on the right track.

I tried different shoes and she was not fond of them, nor had the fire. I kept hearing about Razer shoes and Propads, did some more research on them, and started liking more and more about them. I decided I wanted to try them on her. My farrier wasn’t quite sure about the Razer shoes, but I had her call Razerhorse. She talked to one of the sale reps, and that was when we ordered her first pair of shoes and Propads back in late 2013.

She has more confidence in herself and is firing harder than she ever did. My vet is very amazed on how well she performing and how well she’s moving. He said, “Whatever I’m doing, keep it up.”

From 2013-2015 she has won me a lot of 1D races at local NBHA races and jackpots. NBHA 2014 VT 02 1D Champion and NBHA Open World Championship 2D top 21 in the 1st go.  In 2015, we won our 1D Open State Champion title, among other winnings. She has won me over $4,000 in only a short time.

Razer shoes and Propads have helped my Navicular horse and me achieve some great dreams. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done. Since Razer shoes have worked so well on Rosie, I use them on all my other horses too.

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