Razerhorse Welcomes Skinner Family to Team Razerhorse

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January 29, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

The western lifestyle and rodeo are often a family affair, and we love that the entire Skinner family is joining Team Razerhorse.

Marika Skinner first learned about Razer shoes after sending a barrel horse for training with a friend in Arizona.


Marika Skinner & Somebodys Raven BHC “Animal”

“I had been having a lot of issues with my main barrel horse “Animal”. We had lost a lot of confidence, and one of our major issues is that we had been slipping around the second barrel (he ran to the left first). Over the several months that he was in training, my friend had a set of Razer shoes put on him. At the very next race he seemed to handle the ground so much better, even with a wet, rainy arena! After feeling the way he improved while performing, I fell in love with the shoes,” says Marika.

Due to financial constraint, she later went back to normal steel shoes. While Animal had learned to handle himself better, he still had problems keeping his feet up under him around the back side of the second barrel.

“After I saw at the NFR that Razerhorse sponsors my daughter’s idol, Fallon Taylor, I decided to contact the company about sponsorship. We also have several older horses that could benefit from the Propads and Razers as much as my competitive barrel horses would. As a rodeo family, we are excited to see the effect of the shoes on my horse again, and see if they can help my daughter’s and husband’s horses too,” says Marika.

Kody Skinner, Marika’s husband, recently put Razer RW shoes on the front end of Little Whiz Otie, his calf horse and on Noels Surprise “Tank” his up-and-coming calf and heel horse.


Audree Skinner & Chewy

Their daughter, Audree Skinner, competes in youth barrels and poles with two senior horses who are now wearing Propads and Razers. Marika sees the longterm benefits of using both these products on her daughter’s older horses.

“Chewy is truly my daughter’s horsey soulmate. Although he’s missing a pectoral muscle on his left front leg from an accident (he’s 100% sound), he will run his heart out for Audree every time. He has taught her so much and continues to teach her each time they run. He will only run as fast as she wants him to, yet he could go out and run in the 2D with the big kids. I’m excited to what the Razer shoe will do for him and how the Propads will provide some comfort and keep him sound so that he can be Audree’s partner for many years to come,” says Marika.

For more info on Razer shoes & Propads, visit razerhorse.com or call 855-95-RAZER.

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