9-Year-Old Barrel Horse with Sore Hocks & Stifles Excels with Razer Shoes & Propads

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February 11, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

Joanna Elaine

Joanna & Yankee

I am an avid barrel racer from Maine, pushing to make a name for myself and my horse. We started using Razerhorse products last July and my horse has not lost a 1D NBHA race since!

My name is Joanna Elaine Reid. I am 23 and live in the small hole-in-the-wall town of Thorndike, Maine, population of 890 people! I am currently working towards becoming a paramedic and also work for a residential program for young behaviorally challenged children.

I grew up riding an old reining horse that my aunt leased me, and eventually moved on to take jumping and dressage lessons. At 10 years old, I witnessed a little buckskin gelding named HotShot barrel racing and I fell in love with the sport.

I saved and saved my babysitting and cow farm money, and I bought myself a little Arabian mare off the slaughter truck and trained her to race. She was the Youth State Champion that year and the Reserve 1D Champion.

I met my main horse, Yankee, in 2010, and he was angry and untrusting.

He’s a 9-year-old gelding who has suffered and struggled with stiff and sore hocks and stifles for the last two years.

joanna buckleMy farrier suggested Razer shoes and Propads to me for Yankee and the results have been incredible! Yankee is also a horse who digs deep and pushes hard off his hind quarters coming off barrels when we race, and he was having difficulty standing up on the ground. Since using the Razer shoes with pads on his hind feet, he has the grip and traction he needs to fire hard coming out of turns, plant himself and set to turn. He ran the fastest run of his career to date at the first show we started using Razer shoes!

Thank you for all your products have done to help my horse and I. We won the Maine NBHA District 03 1D title and belt buckle this year, and we certainly could not have done it without our incredible farrier and your amazing products.

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