Takter Sees Decrease in Foot Issues & Coffin Joint Injuries as a Result of Razers & Propads on Two-Year-Olds in Training

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April 4, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

“We decided to give Razers and Propads a shot on most of the horses including the babies (two-year-olds in training). Especially in winter, when the track is hard, we have pads on. The Propad works really well with the Razer shoe and together they’re better than having another steel shoe,” says Hall of Fame Standardbred Trainer Jimmy Takter.

“We’ve had them on the babies for last 3-4 months and we’re very pleased with them. I’ve noticed a lot less foot issues and coffin joint injuries, which is something that is important. We did have a milder winter, but we saw less injuries with the Razers and Propads.”

Photos below show two-year-olds in training at Takter Stables.




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