Propads Help Navicular Horse After Wedge Pads Fail

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April 7, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG


Crystal Marsh & Rage

“Man on a Rampage, ‘Rage’, was purchased last year off the Quarter Horse racetrack as a hopeful backup horse to my mare, Cinnamons Moon Shadow, ‘Shade’.

This winter I had his front feet x-rayed after some bouts of on and off soreness. He has some significant Navicular changes in his front feet (we ultimately attributed the aggravation and lameness to the snowball pads we were using).

My vet and farrier decided it would be best to put him in an aluminum shoe and wedge pad to give him some relief. This of course went along with injections in both front feet and Osphos. After approximately 1 week, Rage came up very sore on his front right.

Given the history with a full pad making him sore, we cut the full wedge pad to make it just a rim pad. That seemed to improve him significantly but he still did not feel 100%.

After talking to my farrier we decided to give Propads a try on him, using them with the center cut out (like a rim pad but with frog support). He has only had them on about a week and already I have felt great improvement. He seems more relaxed and happy when I ride, and his stride length has increased. I was hopeful when we tried the Propads on him, but I’m stunned with how quickly he reacted to them.”

Crystal Marsh
Saratoga Springs, NY

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