Q&A: What will guarantee that Razer shoes flex back every time? And since they do flex, does that eventually cause them to weaken and snap?

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April 12, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

This is one of the biggest questions that we get. It’s difficult to visualize a flexible steel horseshoe. Here’s a video that shows the shoe’s flexibility while in a vice:

Traditional steel shoes are not tempered, and it is the process of tempering that allows the Razer shoe to flex and then return to it’s original shape.

Normal wear and flexion will not cause the shoes to weaken or break, but the shoes are not without limits. The yield strength (strength beyond which deformation becomes permanent) allows you to cold shape the shoes on an anvil or stall jack, however, if you over shape them you risk testing the tensile strength (the ultimate breaking strength). Likewise, if the shoes are fit improperly and your horse overreaches and pulls a shoe, the shoe’s tensile strength limit may be reached, causing the shoe to break at the last nail hole instead of completely pulling off.

Here’s a video of certified farrier and Razerhorse technical advisor Conny Svensson chatting with another farrier at the International Hoof-Care Summit:

Additional Resources: 

More on metallurgy and the difference between aluminum, traditional steel and Razer horseshoes >>

More on the possibility and causes of Razer shoes breaking >>

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