Cracks Grow Out & Soundness Improves on Therapy Horse Using Razers & Propads


April 15, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

12Gauge“My boy, 12Gauge, is a 16.3 hand 11-year-old Grulla Paint Horse used for rehabilitation and therapy for veterans with PTSD. He had two huge cracks in both front feet and was wearing steel shoes and pads, but no matter what I tried, he was always off on his right front.

After battling this for two years, I came across Razer shoes and actually spoke to Tiffany Poulin who represents Team Razerhorse. I then decided to try Razer shoes and Propads and he has never been sounder! The shoes are so lightweight, and his cracks are even starting to grow out.”

Katie Stygles
Piermont, NH

Side note: Katie is going to send before & after photos that we’ll add to the post after we receive them!

2 thoughts on “Cracks Grow Out & Soundness Improves on Therapy Horse Using Razers & Propads

  1. Nina Wilson says:

    Where can I find Razer shoes in Southern Oregon and does the farrier need special training to put them on my mare? She has flat soles and frogs so I’m sure she would benefit from the pads as well.


    • Hi Nina, We have a dealer locator on our website at In your horse’s case, I would suggest using Propads with Razer shoes. Razers have a lower profile and provide a much more natural loading of the frog and sole, and the Propad would provide a bit more protection as well as stimulate the frog and healthy hoof growth.


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