Taylor Langdon Sitting 15th in WPRA World Standings

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May 2, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

Taylor and Vegas

Taylor Langdon & Vegas Firefighter

Taylor Langdon has won $24,624 so far this year, earning her the 15th spot in the latest WPRA world standings update.

She’s been winning paychecks with her young horse, Vegas Firefighter “Vegas”, with BB Frenchgirl “Frenchy”serving as her back up, both of which wear Razer horseshoes.

“I have been using Razer shoes on my horses since 2013. What I love about these particular shoes is that they are light, they have a spring to them, they don’t pack dirt like other shoes tend to do, and they are as close to being barefoot as one can get! One of the main reasons we love them is we have had less soundness issues since we have been using Razer shoes!” says Taylor.

We’re proud to have Taylor, Vegas and Frenchy on Team Razerhorse and can’t wait to see their continued success this year and hopefully a trip to the 2016 WNFR!

taylor langdon and frenchy

Taylor Langdon & BB Frenchgirl

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