Razer Shoes Help Youth Barrel Racer Shave 2 Seconds Off Time

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May 23, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

12004123_800574920064063_8625053627063772418_n“My name is Heather Mearkle. I live in Pennsylvania and am 18 years old. I am a proud member of NBHA, IBRA, and run some local rodeos. Soon I plan to get my WPRA card and go on to professional rodeos.

Razer shoes really helped my barrel horse. He wasn’t able to really dig around the barrel as hard and wouldn’t sit as hard around the barrel. I had a friend tell me to try Razer Shoes and see what happens, so I did. BEST ADVICE I EVER DID! Shaved 2 whole seconds off the next weekend. Please note, I only rode him one time in the new shoes (Razer) once before the barrel race. He sits, pushes and runs so much harder and faster!

I qualified for the 2016 NBHA World Championships and 2016 IBRA National Finals. As of now, my standings are 1st in 3D NBHA, 1st in 3D IBRA and 6th in 2D IBRA. Last year, I ended the year 5th in 1D, 3RD in 3D, 3rd in 4D, and 2nd in 5D, all NBHA. I also worked my way through the rankings with the help of FFA and 4H, and in 2012 I was Res. State Champion for 4H and top 15 in 2014 PA State 4h Horse Show.”


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