Okie Puts Razers on All Performance Horses including Barrels, Roping & Cutting Horses

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May 27, 2016 by RAZERHORSE BLOG

image-1“Razer horseshoes have changed the way my horses perform for the better. Before Razer shoes, I was using just regular steel shoes and it seemed to make my horse more sore after runs!

When I used Razer shoes, my horse clocked his new fastest time! I first learned about them at a barrel race at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, OK where they had a booth set up. I also heard about the shoes from Fallon Taylor.”

– Tessa McMahon of Ardmore, OK 

Tessa now uses Razer shoes on several of her horses in different disciplines, including:
– Too Hot to Cash –  2D barrel horse
– Bo – Cutting, Team Roping, Started on Barrels
– Rose – Started Barrel Horse
– Tessa – Finished Head/Heel Horse
– Mouse – Finished Head Horse
– Jade – Finished Head/Heel Horse, Finished Cutting Horse

She started barrel racing almost 10 years ago and owns 6 performance horses. She plans to fill her WPRA permit card this year and says she usually runs in the top of the 2D, but starting this year, she’s been placing in the 1D.



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