Razerhorse is a hoof care company that promotes better health and performance through science and technology. Razerhorse products are designed to mimic the natural function of the hoof while offering the protection needed for today’s horses.

We manufacture two products, that can be used with other products or with each other.
– Razer shoes: a tempered tool steel horseshoe. The tempering allows the shoe to flex without breaking, allowing bare foot movement with the wear protection and traction of a shoe.
– Propads: a dual-density shock absorbing polyurethane hoof pad with an accordion-like feature that provides independent frog support.

Watch a 2 minute product intro video >>

Learn more at http://www.razerhorse.com.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Natasha says:

    Hi my name is natasha and I live in Australia I was wondering if there was any place out here that sells your hoof pads and shoe?? As I train race horses and have one that has low heels and have tryed lots of different shoes and pads not with much success.. I like the fact that yours helps the blood flow which the horse needs to get the feet to grow..I hope you can help thanks natasha


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